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Meet The Team

Bear Marketing

Being a marketing company, our people are our greatest asset and we pride ourselves on the high trust and solid respect we have for each other.

The nature of our work is all about collaboration and really listening to each other, and when it comes to our clients, this is doubly important.


Nat Pacheco

Client Project Manager

Nat Pacheco has 10 years’ agency experience with strategy & account management. She keeps the team on track, insuring deadlines are met and outcomes are delivered.

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Christina Smith

National Sales Director

Christina Smith has over 20 years’ experience in corporate environments globally, coupled with 10 years in the legal world. She is passionate about sales strategy & business development.

Eric Smith


Eric Smith brings a wealth of experience from various environments such as Amcor and Hageymeyer. He offers a solid understanding of organisational management, customer service and distribution.

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Nick McKone

Head of Creative

Nick McKone has a strong background in Film Production. He has a strong passion for filmmaking, and creative projects, applying his creative approach to all campaigns, no matter their size or budget.

Violette Bukala

Lead Designer

Violette Bukala has a passion for creative design that is truly infectious. V has a superior skillset of graphic design and art direction, and is able to produce visual solutions that impress.

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Mikey Musch

Web Developer

Mikey Musch is a self-taught code wizard with over 4 years’ experience in front- and back-end development, creating mobile web apps and UX design. He truly enjoys creating elegant tech solutions.

Sandi Connolley

Digital Marketing Manager

Sandi Connolly has 20 years’ marketing experience, with a solid 11 years in the online marketing space. She executes sophisticated AdWords, SEO, and online marketing campaigns with outstanding results.

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Chanel Beer

Finance & Accounts

Chanel Beer keeps track of the financials and makes sure every receipt and invoice is accounted for. She ensures she integrates the latest software and best practices in accounting.

Hayden Bray


Hayden Bray has a great relationship with videography & video editing, with a keen eye for film production too. He has grown to be a creative force within the team.

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Fergus Smith

Business Support Manager

Fergus Smith has a love for numbers that is great for our accountability. He ensures that reporting occurs on a weekly basis, so that clients know where their time is allocated.

Anisha Nair

Content / Social Media

Anisha Nair comes from a varied background of advertising, marketing, social media & communications. She handles the content team, overseeing all collateral.

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Jack Wheatley

Business Opportunity Manager

Jack Wheatley comes from a varied telemarketing background and is very results-driven. He loves a good chat and is great at passing on a point without actually sounding like he’s selling it.

Jake Cable

Social Media Support

Jake Cable has a passion for social media and a keen eye for content that stands out. He offers support in creating engaging social media content that is driven by brand strategy.

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James Franklin

Design Support

James Franklin has a strong passion for art and a good eye for the creative elements of design. He goes all-in with his creativity and offers strong design support with every project.