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Are you up to speed on the marketing trends set to take over in 2020?

A new decade is upon us. Bear has been preparing for 2020 by investigating ways in which we can help our clients grow their business by using exciting new technology to enhance customer experiences.

Here are some high-tech marketing tools that we believe will be all the rage in 2020.


Personalised Video is Finally Affordable for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

For the last few years, personalised video has been a buzz word in marketing, set to take direct email personalisation to a new level and increase engagement and cut through in an increasingly noisy digital world.

Bear first started considering personalised video in 2015 but found that the barrier to entry was too high, and the economy of scale didn’t start to kick in until we were looking at databases in the tens of thousands, which wasn’t relevant to the majority of our clients.

This year, thanks to reducing setup costs and a client willing to take a risk, we were able to push out a smaller scale personalised video campaign with fantastic results.

Our client, Villanova College, is not your average Catholic boys’ school. While they are proud of their long history, and continue to celebrate and uphold their traditions, they are also way ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing new technologies and ensuring their students are taught in a way that is relevant today.

The perfect client to work with to push school marketing into the future.

As part of the enrolment campaign for 2019, personalised videos were sent out with every year 5 applicant offer. In the private school game, parents often apply to multiple schools and then make a decision when the offers roll in, so this is a critical time to make a final impression on prospective students and their families.

See for yourself how it turned out!

We can’t wait to take this model and continue rolling out personalised video campaigns to more of our clients; using it to engage faster and more precisely with sales leads and keeping existing customers feeling loved with account specific updates.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows us to superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. It gives more dimension to a piece of marketing allowing your audience to quickly and easily receive more information about your brand.

This technology might feel like something only huge international companies could access, but that is not the case. Our friends at Unified AR provide low cost augmented reality that is accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Here are some examples from Unified AR of how augmented reality can be used in marketing:


James Squire Beer Coasters

This clever campaign for James Squire by our friends at Unified AR allows users to hear the story of the company’s name sake simply by holding their phone over a beer coaster. This is one of our favourite examples of augmented reality as it is so easy to imagine pub goers sitting around marveling over this technology and enjoying the origin story of the brand.


Sheldon College Brochure

As we have a lot of experience working with schools, we were particularly excited to see this use of Augmented Reality by Sheldon College. Not only does this give the reader a more in depth information about the school, it is a great way to demonstrate that the school in ready and willing to embrace future technologies.


Augmented Reality Wine Labels

AR can also be used to enhance packaging! This augmented reality wine bottle will certainly help the brand stand out against the other bottles on the shelf by providing a more elevated and engaging brand experience.

Want to offer your customers an elevated brand experience that will lead to an increase in sales and business opportunities? Speak to Bear Marketing about personalised videos, augmented reality and any other marketing enquiries you might have.



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