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What is Bear’s IMT model?

The Bear Marketing model incorporates technologies that allow you to personalise your communications and marketing at a highly sophisticated level. The model also allows our clients access to high level agency resources for a whole new entry level pricing model that we believe is unbeatable in the current market. We provide our clients with flexible and affordable access to these resources so that they can achieve scalable connectivity and performance, replacing one marketing headcount with a team of experts.

You have access to our 8 core areas

Why it may be the right solution for you?

  • Access to a large diversity of skills on a daily basis

    Pick and change whenever, however you want.

  • Smarter financial approach

    CFO Dream – operational, not capital or headcount costs.

  • High productivity hours

    Multiple team members working concurrently.

  • Reduce HR related risks & costs

    Employee fit, training, insurances, etc. all taken care of.

  • Increase speed of delivery

    Delivery of work is up to 60% faster than most internal teams.

  • Scalability

    You are not limited or locked into the marketing projects you can do.

  • Significant costs advantage

    Cut down on additional marketing expenditure.

  • Agency Quality Work

    Just look at our portfolios! – Happy clients all around.

  • Content & Digital in one relationship

    Highly integrated strategy, content development, and all distribution channels.