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How Your Business Can Benefit From Artificial Intelligence Marketing

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for your brand, because you read an article somewhere that said maybe you should, it may just be the best business decision you’ve made all year. For those who still need a little more convincing, we’ve...

If you’re looking to up your business game, it’s time to seriously consider artificial intelligence (AI) marketing. Despite it sounding too techy to comprehend, AI marketing is relatively easy to implement in your current business model.

In the words of the experts at Becoming Human, AI marketing is simply the calibrated use of customer data—from both digital and offline sources—to predict customers’ digital actions or inactions (on web or mobile app platforms). Essentially, AI enables you to intelligently target the right customers with the right content across the right channels, and at just the right time. What more could any business want? If this sounds like a digital marketing dream come true, it’s because it is.

So why is artificial intelligence marketing one of the best ways to promote your brand?

According to the independent marketing platform Emarsys, core benefits of artificial intelligence marketing are as follows:

Seriously intelligent searches

You know how Google always knows what you’re looking for before you finish typing your query into the search bar? This shortcut is thanks to AI and big data, solutions that have been designed to analyse the search patterns of consumers to help you point them in the right direction, and towards the right product and or service.

If you install an AI-powered search on your website it can learn more about your customer with every search they make, in turn helping you to deliver a more relevant digital experience to every visitor at every interaction.

Smarter advertisements

Why publish an online ad flying blind when you can publish one that is seriously targeted instead? Hooked into the wealth of new data available online, AI solutions can help you to better target your key messages. Because there’s no point promoting a rural estate to a city slicker who loves urban living.

The ability to rely on bots

You may have heard about businesses employing bots to improve their business, but if you are yet to explore this option it can be hard to know what difference it will really make. Simply put, a bot is a software that you can program to carry out actions on its own, a little like a digital marketing ninja. According to Neil Patel Digital, correctly programmed bots can save you a wealth of time (and manual labour) by taking care of the following for you:

  • Communicate with visitors to your website
  • Conduct research on your behalf
  • Qualify your sales leads
  • Organise your team
  • Personalise your clients’ experiences

How do artificial intelligence technologies help you to personalise your target message?

If you don’t personalise the messages you send to your clients, there’s a huge chance they won’t be seen, read or heard, let alone remembered. According to Single Grain, more and more savvy marketers are adopting Artificial Intelligence technologies to remain relevant and stay ahead of the game.

Now considered paramount to any modern marketing toolkit, the implementation of AI capabilities that allow for personalised interactions between your content and client lays the groundwork for loyal and longer lasting relationships. That means more return business by default.

Still questioning the power of AI to make an impact on your clientele? Just think about how many of us now feel as though we intimately know Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Many of us speak to her more than we speak to our parents, and technically she’s not even there.

Can artificial intelligence really help your business grow?

In today’s fast paced world of business advanced AI technologies help to bear the load of simple tasks that in the past may have slowed down progress. By offering innovative and smart tech-savvy solutions, AI can help your brand to stay ahead of the game by automated default, giving you more time to channel your human resources into creative thinking.

Simply put, AI allows you to get more done in better time, including:

  • Administrative tasks such as scheduling, timesheet management and document storage.
  • Training new staff members via online human resources.
  • Improving and managing online marketing via intelligent searches and smarter targeted advertising.
  • Responding to online customer enquiries.
  • Managing business processes such as workflows and supply chains.

According to Unbounce CTO and co-founder Carl Schmidt, how you go about your AI marketing moving forward will either make or break your ability to compete with other businesses in your industry. In an article published by CMO that predicted the AI trends for 2019, Mr Schmidt said:

“In 2019, we’ll start to see a distinction between the successful early adopters of AI technology and the lagging companies who have yet to invest, or have invested hastily without a strategy for increasing ROI.”

If you haven’t already made AI technologies a part of your long term marketing strategy, now may be the time.

Where can you learn more about artificial intelligence marketing?

From conception and design to campaigns, to getting the message out there, we’re here to help you elevate the way you tell your brand’s story. We’d love to talk with you about unique, effective and creative artificial intelligence marketing strategies to ensure your message is received, loud and clear.

Contact us today to learn more about how to keep your content on the cutting edge.

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