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Corporate Video Portfolio

A corporate video introduces your customers to your brand. A good corporate video makes them want to work with you. Check out some of our recent corporate video and testimonial work below.

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Trade & Investment Queensland - This is It

As part of World Expo 2020 in Dubai, we worked with Trade & Investment Queensland to showcase Queensland to the rest of the world as a prime investment location.

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Daywalk - Be Assured

Daywalk are in the transport logistics business, but more importantly, they’re in the keeping-people-safe business. The goal with this brand story video was to showcase Daywalk’s passion and values, not just their engineering prowess.

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MACS provides invaluable support to people living with disability. This brand story explores the impact MACS has on their clients’ lives.

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Narangba Timbers - Brand Story

A South-East Queensland Institution, Bear were thrilled to be able to tell the story of the most sustainable timber yard in the country.

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Tools Up - Brand Video

By speaking to the prospective customer directly, this Tools Up corporate video addresses pain points directly and presents the company as knowledgeable experts.

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GCI - Corporate Video

GCI wanted a video that could clearly portray their capabilities, history and size.

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AlgaEnviro - Diatomix

Talking about the impact on our natural waterways and AlgaEnviro’s new product to help fix the problem.

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Blue Sky - End Single-use Plastic

A fact-filled and confronting approach that speaks to environmentally conscious businesses, this corporate video for Blue Sky effectively puts the case forward for aluminium bottles.


V One - A Story of Fruit & Veg

This video traces V One’s produce from the farm to their customers’ plates.


Laser Central - Customer Stories

This corporate video is told entirely from the perspective of Laser Central’s valued customers.


Life Matters Claims - Emma's Story

The most important thing to Life Matters Claims are the stories of the people they help every day. This is Emma’s.


Endurance Sheds - Problem Solvers

Endurance Sheds don’t just install sheds, they solve problems. This corporate video explores how.


Recochem - The Story of Recochem

Half a century of international history and now an iconic Australian brand, this corporate video explores the history and reach of Recochem.


MaxCare - Welcome to MaxCare

A major player in the animal nutrition industry, MaxCare needed to showcase its capabilities to potential strategic clients.

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